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Ashiana Banquet Hall creates an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication and charm for your occasion. Our services range from weddings, engagements, showers, bachelor parties, and other social gatherings to a professional environment for business meetings and luncheons. Our own high standards ensure an ongoing commitment to Quality & Service. Cord blood banking cost 

The One and Only in Atlanta

Ashiana, The One And Only Indian Restaurant In Atlanta That Prides For Excellent Indian Food, Classy Ambiance And That Can Cater Parties Of All Types And Sizes. Cord blood banking cost 

Fine Indian Cuisine

We serve authentic Indian vegetarian & non-vegetarian cuisine using only authentic spices. We offer: Appetizers & Soups, Tandoori (Clay Oven) Specials, Indian Style Chinese, Vegetables Specialties, Seafood Specialties, Chicken Specialties, Lamb and Goat Specialties, Rice Delicacies, Breads, Desserts & Non Alcoholic-Drinks, Spirits, Wines and Beers.


Most Important Day

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It should be perfect. Your guests should be thrilled. You should be carefree and overjoyed. These are our goals for your most special event, which is what makes us one of the top Indian wedding caterers in Atlanta. Here

Outdoors or Indoors, We’re Good

Whether you are planning an outdoor summer wedding with close family and friends or a full-scale, seated, formal dinner from 50 to 700, we at Ashiana are here to make sure your every wedding wish is fulfilled. Here

Working With You to Your Plan

Our experienced event consultants will work with you to plan and coordinate every last detail, about the cuisine, appetizers, main course and desserts, they will create the food according to taste and requirement for your dream wedding reception — all to your specifications at the Ashiana. We offer wedding packages for every budget and requirement!


Make Your Meetings

Make your meeting a delicious success. Ashiana elevates your meeting with exceptional conference catering. Renowned for creative cuisine at our restaurant, our chef will custom-design seasonally-inspired menus for your event, bringing special flair to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and meeting breaks. With expert catering services, Ashiana can enhance a simple board meeting for 12 or a red-carpet gala party for 2,500. We specialize in creating lasting memories. Our team of event planning experts will help arrange everything from catering to technology. Visit the website

Our Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms come with the latest audio-visual equipment, suitable for any large or small corporate gathering, association meeting, wedding reception or banquet. We have space for small board meetings to large conferences and trade shows and exhibitor booths! Our catering department can deliver anything from breakfast to dinner, snacks and beverages to your favorite meals, whether you prefer South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati, Chinese or Indian fusion Cuisine! Visit the website

For Event Planners

If you’re an event planner for conferences, meetings or weddings, let us help you with catering questions or equipment rental.

Private Events

Planned Events

Whether you’re planning a 50-person event or a 700-person event, a corporate event, the company holiday soiree, or an elegant dinner in your home, Ashiana’s Catering company will help you create the event memories are made of. For starters, feel free to peruse our Ashiana’s Dining Menu to see the variety of combinations we can create for your event. Cord Blood

Celebrate with us!

Ashiana has all the fresh Mex ingredients to turn your event into a fiesta. Here at Ashiana, we have one burning passion to bring all the best of fresh from our kitchen to your table. Bring the flavors of Ahiana to your office, home or event with our Catering menu. Or, show your friends, family and co-workers how to throw a real party at Ashiana by booking one of our banquet halls or party room. Cord Blood

Your chosen catering company

We provide personalized attention from your very first contact with us to flexible menu discussions, site location meetings, budgetary compliance, special “Ashiana trademark” touches. Our innovative Chef along with our highly trained, sophisticated staff, will elevate your special event to sheer perfection

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood is the blood that is collected from the umbilical cord and the placenta after birth. The Cord Blood contains hematopoietic stem cells that are essential in the treatment of various diseases and conditions. Hematopoietic stem cells (HPCs) are also called progenitor cells that are present in the blood and the bone marrow. The HPCs are capable of maturing into various blood cells like red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

The Importance of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

These cells are essential because they can be used in treating a myriad of diseases. Some of the common diseases that can be treated through the HPCs via Cord Blood Banking are include neurological disorders, immune system, genetic disorders, some forms of cancers like lymphomas and leukemia. These stem cells are primary treatments for most of the conditions named above.

Benefits of Using Cord Blood in Treating Diseases

1. Cord blood can be used in treating more people than when bone marrow is extracted. More matches can be obtained with cord blood, and this is what makes this possible. What is more, with cord blood, less rejection is likely to be experienced than with the case of bone marrow.
2. Collecting cord blood is easier than obtaining the bone marrow. Additionally, there is no pain during the collection as it is with bone marrow.
3. It is also necessary to understand that stem cells from cord blood can be used to strengthen the immune system during cancer treatment. It is not possible to achieve this with the use of bone marrow cells.
4. Cord blood can also be stored for future uses because it can be frozen and still retain the viability.

Storage of Cord Blood

Cord blood is usually stored in two different types of banks

  • Public Cord Blood Bank
    Here, cord blood for allogeneic transplants is stored. The public cord blood banks do not charge for the services. Anyone can also be treated with the stem cells collected from the cord blood stored here. All the donors for public cord blood banks are usually screened for various conditions before the collection. Testing and typing are also done after the collection for easy tracking.
  • Private Cord Blood Bank
    The private banks are also called family banks, and they are used in the storage of autologous cord blood. There is an annual fee that is charged by the private banks. The blood has to be tested, typed, and screened before they can be stored here.

Collection of Cord Blood

The obstetrician at the hospital usually collects the cord blood. The process of collection often is simple, and there are no complications or pain during or after the collection. It should be noted that some of the hospitals do this for free while others charge. Once the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut and clamped, and blood is drawn from the cord using a needle and transfer bag.

What to Do Before the Collection of Cord Blood

1. The public or private bank has to be notified and a collection kit obtained.
2. A family medical history recorded, and various tests performed on the expectant woman beforehand.
3. Consent must also be given.